etter life:</p> <p>farmers hard feelings

<p>Qinghai News Network Editor's note: Danger from the ancient city of bell Drum, post-modernist strong <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Evening dresses 2012</font></a> administrative office group, ; get the dregs of rural tourism, everywhere highlight the Energy Smart technology elements of the New Village. The perfect why so long to be The key is: the Huangyuan are united as the fine of the work mode. To the usual farm from the fields, from dairy farming park to forage processing base, from the cities and towns to the government, and military enterprises to build a model village, to the construction of commercial facilities from the ecological protection and tourism development from the development of education, refinement to infiltrate Huangyuan every corner, has been solidified into a concept, a serious attitude, a better form of culture, <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">ball gown</font></a> a habit, be supported by the county units create advanced, the majority of party <a href=""><font color="#800080">Evening dresses 2012</font></a> members and cadres and workers compete <a href=""><font color="#800080">Cheap pretty prom dresses</font></a> excellent spirit force. Not only improve the efficiency of the Government, but also enhance the quality of life of local people.</p>
<p>the sophisticated brought</p>
<p>better life, one of:</p>
<p>wave Hang Heung characteristics zoo Zhang Haishou of Bay Village, every day carefully wait 300 Grey Goose. Speaking of the characteristics <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Bridesmaid Dresses</font></a> of farming, and confidence in him: Huangyuan and wave Hang Heung's strong support, since the aquaculture park is completed, Liu Er spring and the village more than 40 villagers changed the past sporadic backyard model and embarked on a road of large-scale farming has become the Huangyuan table a major supplier of beef and mutton, with an annual income over 20,000 yuan from the previous, quickly doubled up to more than ten million.</p>
<p>enhance people get rich capabilities, start efforts to build the province's agricultural areas of modern animal husbandry demonstration counties Huangyuan Committee modern animal husbandry, the county government during the properly take this critical step, focus on the good job the fine implementation of comprehensive measures.</p>
<p>changes in livestock production, and take the Scale at the same time, pay attention to a <a href=""><font color="#800080">iphone accessories</font></a> feature of one village, one village, a variety of fine guidance and layout, actively introduce various characteristics of farming in order to enhance the affordability of market volatility and to avoid the ups and downs of the aquaculture industry revenue. County new change expansion base of milk, meat cattle and sheep breeding base, layer farms, scale pig farms and the Deer, raising goose characteristics of breeding base 48. The initial formation of a development pattern of the pigs, beef cattle farming, the breeding of poultry, features supported by the industrialization of animal husbandry.</p>
<p>With the scale of scientific feeding and disease prevention and disease prevention is particularly critical. Huangyuan full play the geographic advantage, strengthened strategic cooperation in the county unit of Qinghai Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine College, actively seeking the intellectual support for the development of modern animal husbandry, offering a modern animal husbandry knowledge seminars, training courses, invited experts, professors, county leading cadres and cadres of <a href=""><font color="#800080">iphone covers</font></a> the village in charge of agriculture and animal husbandry, a one-month rotational training. Meanwhile, the county agricultural and pastoral systems site has established a package base, a Village service system, to carry out feeding knowledge, disease prevention and control, technical training on a regular basis to provide the seed supply, market information, marketing and other aspects of guidance and services, so that the farmers of breeding level of economic benefits has increased annually.</p>
<p>have a product, but also to protect the pin out. The Huangyuan strengthen the construction of market circulation system, and gradually establish and improve agricultural products wholesale market, country markets, supermarket chains, convenience stores, local sales network; gradually establish a repository of agricultural and pastoral systems basis, to provide free Foreign <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Knock off rolex</font></a> Special Breed demand-based information system to explore the external characteristics of the aquaculture market, formed a rational distribution of radiation a strong impetus to the livestock market system, to expand the livestock products market, increase market share <a href=""><font color="#800080">Wedding Dresses 2012</font></a> rate.</p>
<p>fine to bring a better life:</p>
<p>bachelor village to move out of the mountain old man married a daughter</p>
<p>Dongxia Township gray bar village located in the brain Mountain region, more than 100 villagers, Alexander Goushen inaccessible, many men marry on the daughter-in-law, by outsiders as a bachelor village. Recently, the villagers here are immersed in the expectations of a new life. Villagers' Master Li gestures renderings, said, Master Li has over 40 years old, had never marry a wife, not so long ago, I heard that Master Li will move into the New Village to live in the building, the harmonious union soon set down.</p>
<p>According to Dongxia township party secretary Li Cheng library, in order to maximize the integration of new village <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Evening dresses 2012</font></a> construction funds, the relevant departments of Huangyuan and East Gap Township to find <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Prom dresses</font></a> policy, talk about the <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Cheap Wedding Dresses</font></a> project, and ultimately integrate the use of rural dilapidated Housing reform, incentive housing, rural water safety improvement can agriculture-related project funding, alleviate villagers burden. Currently, the Village building is almost complete, then, the gray village villagers will enjoy exactly the same and the urban living environment.</p>
<p>gray bar ditch New Village just Huangyuan Village building a microcosm. Actively explore focus on difficult, hard to get rich At present, the consider further scientific planning, rational distribution, fine management, record <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Wedding Dresses 2012</font></a> a move out, stability is maintained, industry, can get rich</p>
<p><a href=""><font color="#800080">Bluetooth headphones</font></a> fine to bring a better life:</p>
<p>rural tourism wealth to fly into the homes of ordinary farmers at home</p>
<p>into the East Gap country Neck Village to Guiying home: a door, the fragrance of flowers in the courtyard flower beds blowing, the face is a new clamshell two-story, two next to the kitchen and storage room, look clean and tidy throughout <a href=""><font color="#800080">Prom dresses 2012</font></a> the hospital children, <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Evening dresses 2012</font></a> people feel warm, cozy . Into the living room, TV, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other readily available household appliances, leather sofas, coffee table, chairs, tables and other furniture, comfortable and natural. This is the home to Guiying farmhouse, talking about the benefits of rural tourism to the villagers to face Yue, Gui Ying bloom: to not work. Depends mainly on tourism and tourism development, transport, catering and other income is particularly good.</p>
<p>Do not look to Guiying's life now is wonderful, earlier, and many villagers under the neck Xiang Village, arable land per capita is less than eighth of the land, life is not rich. How to get the people to enhance revenue, My life was rich? The Huangyuan aimed at the East Gap Township unique natural advantages and location advantages, and decided to vigorously develop the rural tourism and farm economy. In 2008, Huangyuan rural tourism in the East Gap Township of unified planning, and actively guide to support local people to develop farmhouse, and increase the training of the operators of the farmhouse. 2011 and 2012, twice in Village Tourism Festival organized the opening ceremony, through the introduction of the reality version of happy farm, vegetable farm competitions, star farm music competitions and other activities, to expand the promotional impact and attract tourists. At present, the village in the farmhouse of more than 30 business households, the average annual household income of nearly 15 million. In April or May, the East Gap Township has hosted over 17,000 of the province inside and <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Rolex replica</font></a> outside visitors and tourism revenue of more than 40 million.</p>
<p>With the <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Cheap Wedding dress</font></a> continuous development of rural tourism, Huangyuan to improve quality, sustainable development, made a further careful arrangements. First, the hardware construction, the development build Hehuang cultural characteristics of the village planning to renovate and improve the landscape and environmental services and facilities, and road traffic. The second is to enhance and improve the software service level. Built a reception center of the province's first rural tourism, developed the farmhouse resources information management system, more than 30 families of the West, Shek Kip For detailed information, as well as cultural and historical, ethnic customs, tourism resources, with an electronic screen display will allow tourists at a glance. At the same time, it also provides a Next, the farmhouse information systems will be interconnected with the County Travel, wanted to <a href=""><font color="#0000ff">Imitation rolex</font></a> come to the farm and leisure tourists, can be first on the Internet as needed inquiries and reservations.</p>
<p>fine to bring a better life:</p>
<p>farmers hard feelings, the cadres shoulders take the initiative to carry</p>
<p>mountain children to school difficult, Huangyuan decision for four consecutive The party and <a href=""><font color="#800080">Cheap Evening dresses</font></a> government organs to buy a car, saving the funds to purchase school buses to the remote mountainous areas. The fellow did not live at home dry, the the Huangyuan on the labor force who have entrepreneurial spirit will carry out free entrepreneurship training, and migrant workers through labor brokers organizations.</p>
<p>in the service of the rural masses, Huangyuan always to practice the fine management and standardization of services, as an important starting point and effective way to promote the ties with the masses normal mechanisms, deepen sentiments communication, and close between the party cadre, improve the cohesion of grassroots organizations to achieve a new upgrade.</p>